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There are many ways to tell story
1. Chronological approach to a story
2. People that have influenced my life
3. Events that affected my life
4. My life challenges and achievements
5. My life through places and spaces
6. Life Experiences and life lessons
7. My life Passions
8. Culture and Traditions
9. My family roots
10. Life choices
11.  My strange coincidences
12.  Dreams and reality

The workshop covers:•How to organize Your Life Story material
•How to weave your story - different approaches
•Possible topics, angles and questions
•What tools are available to make it easy to accomplish
•Examples of Life Stories

Telling Your Life Story Workshop

The stories we tell about ourselves are the key to our well-being. If you have interpreted the events of your life, if you acknowledge that you have made mistakes and faced difficulties but persevered,  you would feel better about yourself, your life and your future.

Create Your Life Story and preserve your family heritage in digital form to keep it for generations to come.

For more information on this program
send email to olgavld@yahoo.com

Questions to ask yourself
• Memorable life experiences
• People who made a difference in my life
•Teaching moments
• Events that have affected my life
• Major decisions
• Turning points
• Big regrets
   What are you grateful for