​​​Olga  ARTS

Olga Sheymov is an accomplished artist, paints in allegorical surrealism and has a degree in Industrial and Graphic design from Georgia Tech. Olga's life story is told in the books Tower of Secrets and Tiebreaker, Tower of Secrets II, Amazon and Barnes&Noble.       
Employing techniques of oil, watercolor and airbrush, she creates allegories that emerge from the deep wellsprings of music, literature, philosophy and unique life experience.
Olga's paintings are found in private and corporate collections both in the United States and Europe.

Bio Highlights: New York Art Expo, Las Vegas Art Expo,100 Contemporary International Artists 2008, 100 World Artists 2009,  Your Source TV,  Art in Motion video,  “Allegory”  Video 2008, Luxor Museum of Art,  “The nature of Creativity”  Video 2009, Carrousel du Louvre, Paris, The Museum of Americas, Barcelona, Contemporary Women Artists 2010, Biblioteca de Artistas Barcelona Spain, ArtFest Gallery Dallas Texas, FYR Gallery Florence, Italy,  Contemporary Women Artists 2010,  Art Dubai 2013,  “Inspired by Russia”  2011 and 2012.  Private shows and presentations 2013-2017

Contact  olgavld@yahoo.com


"There is only one success - to be able to spend your life
in your own way"                                              
Christofer Morley  



"Olga Sheymov is capable of sending a multitude of  
meaning in each of the works, that makes for 
outstanding art.
The viewer or viewers are never satisfied with their 
study of the particular painting; also, the viewer is 
tantalized to give many thoughts to the blend of colors 
and symbolic representations.
The artist has challenged each viewer and their 
artistic appreciation.”

                                           Pine Tree Gallery Committee

Dear friends and art lovers,

My art comes from my heart and soul. I do not create trendy, marketable or popular art.

My art has true content, touches deep, and is timeless.

An Artist's path is a lonely one, with a lot of doubt and disappointments. But the reward of creating is so great, that we, the artists, continue to thrive.

Let us fill our life with ART.