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Soviet Plate   oil on masonite  20" x 24"   O. Sheymov

​​I remember my Nana (nanny) wrinkled skin and clarity in her eyes, cold evenings filled with warm stories. I did not know than, she has lost her husband during Russian Revolution 1917, lost her son in the WWII and her daughter to illness.
She has represented many women of her generation of Soviet life.There was always shortage of staples and I remember my grandmother crying that we did not have enough food.
I remember stories of family members disappearing without any trace during communism in Soviet Russia. This painting represents an empty plate of communism.

Red Violin oil on canvas O.Sheymov
There is a kinship between music and painting - with the same words
used to describe both, as when a musical composition is said to have
color and a painting to have rhythm.
                                                         Alton Tobey

" Knowledge is transferable -life experience is not"

Decision Oil on canvas 48" x 72" O.Sheymov
A representation of the Sheymov’s family spiritual and physical journey from the grip of communism to Western freedom and the uncertainty of a new life.  


Maiden Bird oil on canvas 22"x 50" O.Sheymov

A Maiden and her seven brothers were
cursed by a wizard and became birds.
One day the maiden met an old
lady in the enchanted forest, whom 
she helped a long time ago. The lady 
told her how to break the spell and 
become human again.
The Maiden was to weave gowns out 
of poison ivy overnight and put them 
on her brothers and herself before the 
first sign of light.
By dawn she finished all the gowns 
except for a sleeve on her own. She 
freed her brothers, but her own 
unfinished gown left one arm 
remaining a wing.

Birches Oil on canvas 24" x 36" O.Sheymov

The birches symbolize Russia’s fragile beauty and tranquility.
The red flickers around the trees, however, reflect the turbulent times Russia has endured for centuries.
The hidden red window behind the trees represents the many untold stories of life in Soviet Russia. 

"I enjoyed searching your site and enthralled by the dynamic quality of your work. It positively vibrates life."
                                                        Rene H.